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“I regularly use The Back Revolution® which helps to take pressure off of my lower back, enabling me to begin exercising more effectively. The Back Revolution has become an indispensable piece of equipment in my own gym.”

- Bill Pearl, Mr. America and 5 Time Mr. Universe

“After one day with my Back Revolution®, I did something I had not been able to do for more than half a year: I walked 5 miles. Best of all, I am no longer considering surgery. Your Back Revolution has changed my life.”

- Carla Wolowski, ( Wisconsin, USA)


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What is The Back Revolution® System?

"Three Premium Products Used Together To Achieve Immediate and Long Term Back Pain Relief"
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Using a warm up device, stretching techniques and inversion therapy, The Back Revolution® System is designed relax your back and invert ONLY the upper half of your body, harnessing gravity to gently pull your spinal column apart, decompressing your vertebrae and giving you massive back pain relief.

The Back Revolution® System is called a "System" because it is 3 tools used together to achieve maximum back pain relief.

These 3 Tools are:

What Do I Get When I Purchase The BACK REVOLUTION® System?

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How is The Back Revolution® System Used?

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Step 1: Warm Up Your Back Muscles With The Back Revolution® Stick®

Warm up your neck, back, hips, and hamstrings with The Back Revolution® Stick® for 3 minutes or more prior to inversion.

Step 2: Invert Slowly On The Back Revolution® Platform

After your warm up, mount The Back Revolution® System and stand on the platform. Place your hands on the upper handle bars to prepare for inversion.

Step 3: Invert Upside Down For 3 Minutes on The Back Revolution®

Reach down to the lower handle bars while lifting your feet up, you will now be in the inverted position. Breathe deeply for 1 minute, but not more than 3 minutes, and then return to the starting position standing on the platform.

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